The Royal Brunei Armed Forces was formed on 31 May 1961. Known as the AskarMelayu Brunei, (Brunei Malay Regiment in Malay) it was honoured with the royal title on 31 May 1965, when the word 'Diraja' (Royal in Malay) was added to the title. It was then known as AskarMelayuDiraja Brunei, (Royal Brunei Malay Regiment). Since Independence Day, 1 January 1984, the Royal Brunei Malay Regiment has been renamed as the AngkatanBersenjataDiraja Brunei (Royal Brunei Armed Forces in Malay). Only Brunei citizens of the Malay ethnicity (Bumiputera) are allowed to enlist in the Royal Brunei Armed Forces. The Malay ethnicity comprises the Belait, Bisaya, Brunei, Dusun, Kedayan, Murut, and Tutong indigenous races as defined in the Brunei constitution. Military service is not compulsory for any segment of the population; there is no conscription.

The Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) use a wide range of foreign equipment, with a large percentage originating from the United Kingdom, France/Europe and the United States. The Royal Brunei Armed Forces is the largest of the armed services, with a relatively small air force and navy. The Bruneian military lacks any recent combat experience but has been deployed regionally in humanitarian and peacekeeping missions. Brunei also has extensive military relations with Singapore. In 31 May 2011, Royal Brunei Armed Forces reached its golden jubilee.

The Role of Royal Brunei Armed Forces is to:

Deter any outside powers intending to undermine directly or indirectly in the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State of Brunei, and to prevent any subversive elements actual or potential operating in the State of Brunei;

• Undertake military operations to counter aggression, terrorism or insurgency;

• Assist in maintenance of public order in support of the Police and Civil Authority, if called upon

• Maintain good Community relations by which the Royal Brunei Armed Forces can be identified with the Government and Civil population of Brunei.

The Royal Brunei Armed Forces is divided into four branches:

• Royal Brunei Land Forces Institute

• Royal Brunei Air Force

• Royal Brunei Navy

• Training