There are two temples in Brunei both in the Ghurkha army camps ,one in the capital and the other in Serria around 70km from Bandar Seri Begawan

The town also has lovely cottages some built in Canadian fashion with imported Canadian logs mostly for the Shell employees.

The temple itself was quite and serene one entered into a small corridor of hanging bells on the left was the famous Dollar Ganapati known because so because devotees believed that praying to him with a dollar would grant their wishes and there were lot of Brunei one dollar bills on his feet ! then there were the navagrahas under a nice tree there was a Shiva lingha next. The main hall had a collection of deities the central one goddess Durga.The big hall had nice seats to rest and pray ,on the other end was a Buddhist corner with flower bedecked photos of the Bodhisattva .

The whole place was kept neat and pristine and many Indians visited the temple there also was a big Supaa save mall nearby with a wide collection of shopping solace