St. Andrew’s School


January 1956 saw a significant era in the history of St. Andrew’s School; her institution.

Canon Paul Chong En Siong always had in mind that for the church to nurture her young was through the teaching in Christian schools. Even though it was no easy task, with the help of parishioners, friends and family, he was able to establish the first Anglican school in Brunei town.

St. Andrew’s started from humble beginnings; with only 70 students, 3 teachers and a minute area of learning. Due to lack of resources, the school could only cater for the lower learning classes-the highest being Primary Four.

Though St. Andrew’s School had begun in a very small way, there were difficulties to be faced-difficulties such as in having to cope with the great differences in age in a class, the poor facilities, and difficulties on the administrative side. These were overcome and by the end of 1957, the school still existed. In 1964, the school moved from the church vicarage to its present site, benevolently donated by Dato Ong Kim Kee. Thus from this very small beginning, this mustard seed, St. Andrew’s School has grown into what it is today. It is Canon Paul’s wish that the school “continue to grow and prosper”.

At present, St. Andrew’s has fully grown to a fully equipped institution of learning which can accommodate up to 1600 students.

St. Andrew’s School has not wasted time or opportunities in its service and position in public education. In 1995, Computer Studies was introduced to our Secondary One students. In 2000, a Mandarin Club was formed to cater those who wants to learn the language. At the same time, sports, games and other Extra Curricular Activities are also encouraged and expanded. The school will continue its role in the country with a commitment to excellence in education for the school children in Negara Brunei Darussalam.


The crown stands for loyalty to duly constituted authority; ‘S.A.’ stands for our Patron Saint Andrew, Apostle and Martyr; the white saltire on the blue shield is the symbol of that saint; the torch burning lamp and lotus flower are the western and eastern symbols of learning respectively. The aim of the school is to present knowledge as a universal heritage and not merely as an exclusive national monopoly.

Motto:Courage and Love.

Vision:Impacting and transforming lives, contributing positively to society.


• To promote quality holistic education with diverse learning opportunities for students to enable them to reach their full potential with pursuit of excellence.

• To develop upright character by instilling integrity, mutual respect and tolerance for others.


• I place my allegiance to God, His Majesty the Sultan and the government of Brunei, the school authority and teachers.

• With Courage and Love, I will endeavour to:

• Respect and honour the nation and school in the Singing of the National Anthem, School song and the recitation of Doa and prayers as well as observing of the Laws of the nation and the rules and regulations of the school with pride;

• Strive to excel and uphold the good name of the school in all areas – disciplines; school work; examinations, co-curricular activities and competitions;

• Be a good example to others by building strong value of integrity, honesty, mutual respect and understanding;

• Serve and contribute positively to the school and community at large












As the enrolment in the school is always in great demand, parents are strongly advised to register their child/children as soon as the dates of application are open (June to August – unless the level is full). Parents are to contact the Main Office during office hours for an appointment with the Principal. Parents are to bring along their child, birth certificate and the most recent academic results of the child when meeting the Principal.

Applicants are required to fill in an application form and submit it to the Main Office together with the following documents;

• certified copies of birth certificate

• report book

• four passport-size photographs

• The school leaving certificate will have to be submitted when admission has been granted

The school normally administers tests to assess the academic abilities of the applicants in the following subjects:

• English

• Bahasa Melayu

• Mathematics

Results of such tests for successful applicants are made known before the end of the year.

In addition to the admission tests, parents and students will be interviewed by the Heads of Sections / Heads of Departments.

The Ministry of Education requires all foreign students to have valid student passes before they are officially registered with the school.

Parents should therefore, take necessary steps to obtain such passes from the Ministry of Education and Immigration Department.

School Fees


B$180* x 10 mths = B$1,800

Year 1 – 6

B$168* x 10 mths = B$1,680

Year 7 – 8

B$174* x 10 mths = B$1,740

Year 9, 10 & 11

B$180* x 10 mths = B$1,800

Year 10 & 11 (Express & Pure Science)

B$192* x 10 mths = B$1,920


New Admissions

New admissions must pay:

• a deposit of B$250

• 2 months advance fee

• admission fee of B$50 plus

• a yearly surcharge of B$10 before your child/children can enter their classes

Parents should settle the school fees during the FIRST FIVE WORKING DAYS of each month.

Should the fees continue NOT to be paid until December of each year, your child’s name will be struck off from the register and you will be asked to transfer him/her to Government School (ref: KPE/DG/BPS/C/42a Pt.2 dated 8 May 2012). Leaving certificates will not be issued and deposit not refunded until all outstanding fees are cleared.

The Ministry of Education requires all foreign students to have a valid student pass before they are officially registered with the school.


Notice of withdrawal from the school must be communicated to the Principal in writing at least THREE MONTHS in advance. Failure to do so will result in the deposit being forfeited.

Any student whose performance, conduct or attendance proves to be consistently unsatisfactory, will be asked to leave the school. In such cases, no part of the fees for the current term will be refunded.

* Fees – subject to revision

Official Uniform

Administration Contacts


Jane Keasberry, LLB Law, Barrister at law; PGCE (TESL); M. Ed.


Chong Ah Fok, BA Pendidikan (UBD), MA (UBD)


Gladys Yee Noi Hiok


Helen Kang @ Mdm Kim Hyun Sook (Upper Primary) Stella Low Kui Min (Lower Primary)


Lim Siok Eng


Rose Loh @ Chin Moi Kui


Monday—Thursday & Saturday: 7.30 AM – 12.30 PM & 1.45 PM – 4.30 PM


Monday—Thursday & Saturday

Morning Session

Kindergarten 2 : 8.30 AM-12.00 PM Kindergarten 3 : 8.00 AM-12.00 PM Yr 4 – 6 : 7.15 AM-12.15 PM Secondary : 7.15 AM-12.30 PM

Afternoon Session

Kindergarten 2 : 1.30 PM-5.00 PM Kindergarten 3 : 1.00 PM-5.00 PM Yr 1 – 3 : 12.40 PM-5.30 PM


(+673) 2222099 – Main Office, (+673) 2225587 – Primary Office, (+673) 2234708 – Fax,