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Fr. Piet de Wit was appointed as a resident priest in Brunei Town in 1937 to assist Fr. Crowther, MHM, who was the first resident priest in Brunei. Fr. Piet de Wit started the first Catholic school in a rented house owned by Mr. Kay in Jalan Padang, which also housed a chapel and the living quarters of the priest.

By 1941, a building to house the activities of the church had been constructed at Kumbang Pasang on the land donated by Mr. George Ah Foott. The school building by this time included a small chapel and living quarters for the resident priest. The priest was also the principal of the school.

During the Japanese Occupation of 1942-45, Fr. Piet de Wit together with the other priests were interned by the Japanese and sent to Batu Lintang, Kuching. The Japanese authorities used the church for their activities while the Anglicans used the school building for their services.

After the war, the school was re-established and managed by Mr. George Newn Ah Foott with his daughters as the teachers. The Mill Hill Missionary priests continued to come to Brunei from Labuan such as Fr. McCarthy, Fr. Ben Walsh and Fr. William Smit. It was Fr. Smit who gave the school the name St. George's School, after its founder and benefactor.

In 1953, Fr. Delaney was appointed as the resident priest. He was instrumental in constructing many buildings. He extended the school and constructed a new church. This building later became the Parish Hall. Fr. Delaney single-handedly taught the 12 Form One students in 1963.

The school building was rebuilt 1963. Fr. Conway was appointed to St. George's School from July 1964 to June 1965. Mrs. Paula Mah started teaching at St. George's School in January 1964. She was in charge of the Form Two students. It was also the time when the school uniforms patterns were chosen by the students and permission was granted by Fr. Conway. He was followed by Fr. Wolbers, who was appointed as Acting Rector and School Principal in September 1966. He also made the school uniform official.

The 12 students sat for the Sarawak Junior Exams in 1965 and scored 100% passes. This excellent performance was published in the Borneo Bulletin. By January 1969, Fr. Jan Dekker was sent as temporary replacement when Fr. Wolbers left. During this period, Bishop Galvin appointed a layman, Mr. Guy Alwines, as Principal of St. George's School. Fr. Paul Tong was appointed Rector in August 1969. He was followed by Fr. Francis de Vries in 1970 and by Fr. Thomas Keogan.

Fr. Jan Heuschen managed the school from 1972 and took over from Fr. Keogan who left in 1978. Fr. Heuschen was an excellent administrator, who was firm but friendly, demanding but generous. After working in Brunei for thirteen years, Fr. Jan Heuschen left in October 1984. Fr. Dunne took over for a short while until Fr. Peter Chiang was transferred to Bandar from the Seria Parish. In 1991 Fr. Chiang and Fr. McClorey had to leave Brunei. The departure of the last two foreign priests was a time of great trial with the burden of responsibility falling into the hands of the single local priest, Bishop Cornelius Sim.


The learning journey your child takes with us will be one that stimulates and excites them as well as challenging them to be the very best that they can be. At St George's School we are very proud of our students, their achievements and of the school community to which we all belonged. Besides providing a top quality academic education, we value all kinds of achievement and celebrate this with our students. We have very high aspirations for everyone in our school community and expect a lot from our staff and our students. All of our pupils are encouraged to develop their confidence and competence to ensure that when they leave us they are prepared for the future. I believe that young people can only achieve their very best if they feel happy, safe and secure at school. We aim to be, in the words of our Vision Statement:


The Torch - symbolises the desire to learn

The Book - symbolises the Book of Knowledge

AO - Alpha and the Omega (the beginning and the end, God being the centre of our lives)

School Motto-Honour and Labour


School Vision

To strive to become an excellent and reputable centre of learning.

School Mission

To provide opportunities for the overall integral development of its students through the process of effective nurturing and skills acquisition

School Values


Taking pride of an atmosphere that encourages leadership, teamwork and cooperation where each one works for the betterment of a caring environment.


We will ensure continual learning targeted at attaining an education of excellence to serve and interact well with others in the society.


We give due recognition to out students' achievements and contribution thereby motivating them to excel and strive towards perfection.


We believe in inculcating honesty and integrity to develop and mould our students into upstanding citizens.


We believe in nurturing our students' self confidence and self esteem by teaching them to respect the individual's rights, needs and feelings


We will work towards ensuring and maintaining a conducive atmosphere to enhance the joy of teaching and active learning so as to produce well balanced individuals for a healthy society.

To strive to become an excellent and reputable centre of learning.

As you continue your visit to our website you will find lots of useful information about the school, extra-curricular activities, the latest news and events. In addition, our website includes a plethora of examples that celebrate our children's academic, creative, sporting, and social success and achievement.


The Torch - symbolises the desire to learn

The Book - symbolises the Book of Knowledge

AO - Alpha and the Omega (the beginning and the end, God being the centre of our lives) School Motto

Honour and Labour


1. His Excellency the Right Reverend Bishop Cornelius Sim

2. Mr. Anthony Liew Vun Chiang

3. Mr. Charles Shim Fui Thong

4. Mdm. Doris Wong

5. Mr. Ho Mun Wai (Freddy)

6. Mr. James Low Tze Fatt

7. Mr. Patrick Anthony Wong Soo Siong

8. Mr. Vincent Stewart Mah


1. Application forms can be obtained from the school office at $1.00 per copy.

2. Photocopies of the required documents must be attached to the completed application form (originals must be brought at the time of submission for verification). The requirements are:

i. birth certificate

ii. latest school report

iii. examination slip (where applicable)

iv. one passport-size photo

v. photocopy of Passport pages and Smart Card of parents and applicant

It is at the discretion of the school to require student applicants to sit for an Entrance Test. This usually applies to students from overseas. If there is no vacancy for the class/level applied for, student applicants will be placed on a waiting list until there is a vacancy. Parents of successful applicants will be issued a Letter of Offer and a Contract Form with regards to school fees payment. They will be notified via phone once these two documents are ready for collection. Upon acceptance, the Contract Form is filled in by the parent/guardian and given to the Bursary together with the payment of the required fees for admission.

Payment Time

School Days (Mon-Thu & Sat): 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Holiday (Mon to Friday): 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon

For new intakes commencing in January of every year, a total of $609.00 (Kindergarten) / $645.00(Primary & Secondary) is required.

a) $504.00 (Kindergarten) / $540 (Primary & Secondary) - Advanced Payment of 3 months' Fees

b) $50.00 - Admission Fees

c) $15.00 - School Fund

d) $25.00 - Report Book

e) $15.00 - T-shirt

*** depending on the month of admission ***

Once all fees have been settled, uniform details, timetable (when ready) and booklist will be given. The appropriate class will also be allocated.

Exercise books, test pads, school badge, student's diary and other stationeries can be purchased from the school's bookstore.

The new student upon entering the class is to show the receipts of payment to the Class Teacher for recording purposes.

School fees of $168 (Kindergarten) / $180 (Primary & Secondary) per month are to be paid montlyduring the first 5 working days of the current month thereafter until October.

All school fees and other miscellaneous fees paid to the school are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

It is the school's policy to discharge a student if and when he/she has been absent for two(2) consecutive weeks without written notice of such absence to the school. Therefore, parents/guardians are reminded to always inform the school whenever their children will be absent for any reason.

Foreign students are required to apply for a STUDENT PASS upon enrollment and before admission into the school.

Admin & Support Staff

Primary Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Teaching Staff



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