Jerudong International School opened its primary school on 15 January 1997 and the secondary school, six months later, on 8 July 1997. Since its beginnings, JIS’s student roll, boarding and day facilities have expanded significantly.

JIS is now a well established school with a sound academic reputation. It provides a broad liberal education in the best traditions of independent schools. According to the report issued by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in May 2007, it serves its pupils well. The School is a member of the Federation of British International Schools in South East Asia (FOBISSEA) and the Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS). The Principal is a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) and joined the executive committee of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) in 2008. The School is also a member of the Boarding Schools Association (BSA). In 2009, JIS became a full, accredited member of COBIS. JIS offers the British international curriculum and prepares students for GCSEs, a few IGCSEs, A-levels and introduced the International Baccalaureate, in August 2011. JIS has always been very much involved in the wider Bruneian community and parents are extremely supportive. JIS takes very seriously the statement that it is an international school and seeks to promote understanding of the wide variety of cultural traditions and beliefs represented in the school. It encourages debate about international affairs, the environment, modern history, global health issues and the development of a common international culture. The school prides itself on the interaction and friendship between young people of different ethnic groups and strives to promote international understanding in a practical and tangible way.

A strong emphasis is placed upon academic work and many pupils have been successful in gaining places at top universities overseas including; Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, LSE, Imperial College, Australian National University, National University of Singapore, Melbourne and Cornell. A broad range of extra-curricular activities is offered and pupils participate in sporting, musical and dramatic events. The atmosphere is liberal, but well disciplined.


Jerudong International School prides itself on the academic achievements of its students. The School’s motto is “Achieving Excellence” and we encourage our students to do their very best in their academic studies.

In the Junior School, the students progress from the Early Learning Goals from the UK to a curriculum incorporating the best of the British National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum so that studies are interesting and relevant to our students who come from such a wide range of nationalities and cultures.

The Middle Years presents the opportunity for students to explore the range of subjects based on but not limited by the British National Curriculum in a wide yet rigorous curriculum. Towards the end of the Middle Years, parents can, if they wish, enter their children into academic competitions such as that run by the University of New South Wales International Competition and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) in four subjects - Computer Skills and English. JIS students who have entered these competitions have performed superbly.

The Upper Years are a time for preparing students for the British external examinations and assessment, yet exam results are not the sole focus. We want to nurture and develop students with a passion to learn about the world around them.

General GCSE Results Summary

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
A*/A % 35% 37% 46% 56% 53% 53.9%
A*/B % 64% 64% 74% 82% 79% 81.7
A*/C % 86% 88% 92% 95% 93% 95.8

Academic Curriculum

Nursery up to Year 6 guides students on a programme of structured learning, play and discovery. In the Early Years we begin by incorporating the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and from Year 1 onwards include relevant aspects of the British National Curriculum. These curricula have been adapted and enhanced for our international setting.

Early Years : Ages 2 to 5

Our Early Learning Goals aim to develop the whole child at a pace that is suitable for them. From Nursery, Kindergarten to Reception the children learn from experimenting and interacting in a supportive, engaging environment. They thrive on teamwork, decision-making and problem-solving activities. Making friends, learning about care, respect and consideration for others are paramount. These early years have a crucial role in fostering intellectual, physical and emotional progress as students are encouraged to grow creatively, to acquire confidence and develop effective personal and social skills.

In Reception, the early elements of reading, writing and mathematics are introduced to provide a strong foundation for entry into Year 1. Our Reception students also continue their creative, social and physical development through the experience of arts and crafts, a foreign language, music and physical education.

In the early days of schooling, parental involvement is vital and parents are welcome to join trips and fun days. They can also meet informally with teachers at the start and end of the day and at pre-arranged times after school.

Junior Years 1 – 6 Ages 6 to 11 From Years 1 – 6, the curriculum helps to develop the student’s knowledge and understanding across the subjects ensuring progression in terms of content, skills and the development of research strategies. The use of the International Primary Curriculum ensures a cross curricular, internationally minded approach. There is also an increased focus on Science and the advancement of ICT applications. Students are expected to take a more active role in planning programmes of work as well as acquiring a sense of responsibility and autonomy in preparation for transition to Senior School. They are encouraged to be creative, independent thinkers and self-motivated learners.

A broad curriculum of some twelve subjects is offered which includes:

English,Mathematics ,Science ,Information and Communication Technology ,Design Technology, Geography ,History, P.E, Swimming and Games, Art ,Music, Modern Foreign Languages ,Personal, Social and Health Education

These are supported by the enrichment programme.

Co-Curricular Activities

Our programme of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) offers students an opportunity to take part in a variety of activities led by well qualified and dedicated staff. Each term students make their selections based on the long list of activities on offer. The majority take place at school; however, there are quite a few off site options where school buses provide transport. There are different time slots for each round of activities based on the end of the school day with a dedicated Pre-Prep (Reception – Year 2) slot running from 2.10pm until 3.00pm. CCAs for Prep (Years 3 – 6) children begin at 3.10pm.

The promotion of essential physical and personal skills such as communication, cooperation and problem solving skills form the focus of the Co-Curricular Activities programme. The exciting range of activities encourages pupils to become enthused by skills and hobbies and to willingly offer input, challenge their understanding and stretch their imagination.

Sporting Activities :

The programme of sports activities includes: team sports, swimming lessons, competitive squad training, coaching sessions, fixtures, sports play days and sports tours.

Musical Activities :

Our Music activities programme includes: choirs, recorder groups and workshops. Individual music tuition is available for a varied selection of instruments ranging from the cello to the traditional Bruneian Gamelan.

Drama and Dance :

Our Dance and Drama activities include drama and dance lessons, theatre sports and opportunities to participate in or support performances.


Ugama lessons are also run on site for Muslim students and are communicated through the medium of Bahasa Melayu

After School Care

Students who remain at school after 2.00pm also have the opportunity to join the After School Care Club which is open from 2.00 to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday. Here there is a wide variety of opportunities for them to play with others, use the computers or do some cookery.


Pupils are also invited to read and study in the Junior Library and to make the most of our extensive book and publications collection.

Welcome to Admissions and Registration

Welcome to Admissions and Registration at Jerudong International School (JIS), Brunei Darussalam. JIS offers an international, British style education to over 1600 students aged from 2 years to 18 years from 51 different countries. Our school year starts in late August and ends early July. However, we welcome enquiries from families throughout the academic year. We recognise that families coming from different countries may need to start during the school year on occasion and we will try our very best to work with you to ensure your child quickly adjusts and settles into school life.

This section explains how students are placed into academic year groups and what the admissions process is for different age students. It contains an online enquiry form, downloadable application forms, details of the curriculum for different age groups, the tuition fees and has a question and answer area for Frequently Asked Questions. If you are applying for a Boarding place, we will explain about the process here too.

Information important once your child has received a confirmed offer to enrol at Jerudong International School is also available here such as school uniform details, stationery packs and lists of required textbooks. Non Bruneian students who are registered at JIS are required to have a Student Pass and further information about this can also be found within this section.

Moving school is a big decision and can be quite stressful especially if you are moving from overseas, when finding the right school for your son or daughter will be one of your highest priorities. The Admissions team are here to do everything we can to help your child’s smooth transition. During term time, the Admissions Office is open from 7.30am – 3.30pm, Monday to Friday and with reduced staffing from 8am to 2pm, Monday to Friday during school holidays. (NB. The School closes every Friday from 12 noon - 2pm.)

Please feel most welcome to come and visit our wonderful school. We just ask that you contact us in advance to arrange such a visit so that we can ensure we are available to assist you and show you around. We encourage families to apply as early as possible, as from time to time we do experience waiting lists in some Year groups. We look forward to hearing from you!

Corporate Fees

Corporate fees are for those parents whose employers have agreed to pay for their child’s education as part of their contract. Parents should bring a letter from their employer to the School Accounts Department who will liaise directly with the employer to arrange payment of the School Fees. Usually parents will need to pay for uniform, stationery, textbooks and any school trips separately. Receipts will be issued for these so if eligible, you will be able to claim this back from your employer.

Non corporate fees

Non corporate fees are for those parents whose fees are not fully subsidized by their company.

There are two different rates – for Bruneian citizens and non Bruneian citizens. For more information, contact the Accounts Department on +673 241 1000 ext 1311/1314 or email

Student Pass

All non Bruneian students are required by the Brunei Government to have a Student Pass in order to study in Brunei.

For students resident in Brunei (up to 18 years of age)

The process for getting a Student Pass is as follows:

1. JIS will need a copy of the passport page showing the work permit for the parent who is employed to work in Brunei and the parent's passport information page.

2. JIS will also need a copy of the passport page of your child showing the Dependent Pass. This is usually issued at the same time or soon after the work permit has been issued. JIS will also need a copy of the child's passport information page.

3. JIS will then take these copies together with a special application form endorsed by the school and countersigned by the Principal to the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education will then issue a form on three different coloured papers (white, green and pink) to JIS.

4. JIS will pass the form on the three coloured papers (white, green and pink) to the parents. The parents will then need to take their passports, the student passport and the three coloured papers (white, green and pink) to the Immigration Department. The Immigration Department will endorse the three forms and also the student passport. The white and green forms will be returned to the parents. Immigration will retain the pink form.

1. The parent must give the endorsed green form to JIS so that confirmation of the student pass can be formally recorded. Students may not commence studies without a valid Student Pass. The white form is the parent’s personal copy.

For non Bruneian students resident in Brunei who are 18 years of age or above

When a student reaches their 18th birthday, they are no longer a Dependent, so their Dependent Visa and Student Pass will be cancelled.

There is a different process for students who are 18 years old as they will need a Student Visa, which is issued by the Immigration Department.

JIS recommends that the simplest way to obtain a Student Visa is to retain the services of an agent to process the Student Visa. If parents email they can receive more information, or, contact the School Admissions Office.

For weekly boarding students who are usually resident outside Brunei

The application process for Boarding House students whose family resides outside of Brunei (e.g. Miri or Labuan) is handled by an agent retained by the School. The agent charges a fee in addition to the cost of the Student Pass.

Parents who would like the advice or assistance of the agent can email for more information, or, contact the Admissions Office.

Boarding Welcome

Jerudong International School offers exceptional purpose designed weekly boarding facilities for students in a spacious, secure, modern and above all caring environment. It is one of the best boarding facilities in South East Asia and is a vibrant, busy and wonderful place for children to live and work. Located a five minute walk from the teaching facilities, yet secure within the campus grounds. Boarding at Jerudong International School is flourishing and resident male and female boarders are divided amongst five houses: Eagle, Ibis, Kingfisher, Hornbill and Osprey. There are currently two male boarding houses and three female, catering for students from Year 7 to Year 13. As far as possible, students of similar ages are roomed together, each House with a range of approximately 64 students in rooms of one, two, three, four or five according to age.

The purpose built accommodation is located on the extensive school campus within easy walking distance to all of the school facilities. JIS provides excellent five day accommodation. A fleet of buses transport boarders to and from the Brunei towns of Mumong, Seria and Kuala Belait and also the town of Miri just across the border in Sarawak, on Friday afternoon and returns them each Sunday evening. Each boarding house has student lounges/common rooms, kitchens and in-situ accommodation for a live-in tutors/ Matrons. There are modern computer study rooms for boys and for girls in which they undertake their evening’s homework in a single-sex setting with plenty of staff supervision. These computers are also available for recreational use and sixth formers have access to ample WiFi coverage for use with their own personal laptops. There is a central dining room in which boarders can eat and socialise, savoring food cooked by our specialist caterers from the Empire Hotel and Country Club. There are music practice rooms, prayer rooms, medical recovery rooms and a residential nurse for those out-of-hours emergencies. Boarders are also able to gain maximum use from the school sports facilities during their recreation time both before and after school.

Every student is furnished with a full set of bedroom furniture and linen though many choose to personalise their bedroom space with their own bedding from home, as well as posters and family photos. In addition to the residential tutors and Matrons, each house also has a live in housemaster or housemistress.

Contact Information

Anne Dickinson (Senior Registrar)

Adinah Salleh (Registrar)

Suriani Kadir (Assistant Registrar)


Tel: +673 241 1000 Ext 1206 / 7100 / 1214

Address for Courier:

Jerudong International School

Jalan Universiti

Kampong Tungku

Bandar Seri Begawan

Brunei Darussalam, BE2119

Postal Address:

Jerudong International School

PO Box 1408

Bandar Seri Begawan

Brunei Darussalam