St. Margaret's School


The school was founded by Rev. Melling, a resident priest at St. Margaret's Church, in 1955. The first school was an old wooden building which was a vehicle repair shop, opposite St. Margaret's Church. It started with three classes and had 60 children. The school was inaugurated by R.E. Hales, the Managing Director of British Malayan Petroleum Company on 8 April 1956. The school moved to its present site in 1959 which was given by the government.

The school was established by the efforts of founder Principal Rev L R Melling and the parishioners of St Margaret’s Church in Seria at Lorong Tiga to cater for those who wanted English as the medium of instruction.

The official opening of the School By Mr R E Hales, Managing director of British Malayan Petroleum Company on 8th. April 1956.

In January 1960, the school opened a secondary section with Form 1.

In February 1960, Mr John Heath took over as the principal.

The ARCON building was inaugurated by the Managing Director of Brunei Shell Petroleum, Mr PM Linton, on 7 May 1961.

The first batch of candidates from St Margaret’s entered the Brunei Certificate of Education in November 1962 (which was later changed to PMB) and the Cambridge School Certificate of Examination in 1964.

A new class room block was inaugurated by the Bishop of Borneo on 26th Feb 1967, and the Principal’s Quarters werer completed in October 1967. Mr Curie (Australia) took over for a short while as Acting Principal. Mr John Heath served the school as Principal until 1970.

A new school block was opened in December 2011


School Song

We are proud that our school is St. Margaret’s Seria, The place of our studies to fit us for life. Each morning we study with teachers to guide us, At home we are busy to learn all they’ve taught. We are boys and we are girls with lives stretched out before us, Oh! What shall we do with this life that is ours? We’ll fit ourselves daily to be useful people, to serve God and neighbour the rest of our lives.

School Badge


• RED— Strength

• WHITE— Purity

• BLUE— Peace and tranquility


St Margaret School in Brunei Darussalam is the first school to have an online tracking system collaborating Students, Teachers, Parents and School administration to electronically track their progress.



Secondary section of the school is led by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. The effective guidance required at the teenage period is well addressed by the teachers. The lower secondary (Year 7 and year 8) fully incorporates the National Curriculum objectives and perspectives along with the other skills required to pursue higher education. Upper secondary caters for the General Cambridge Ordinary Examination ( GCE O Level).

Bearing in mind the requirements and aspirations of a growing generation, we offer a wider choice of subjects.

They are English Language, Malay Language, Mathematics , Additional Mathematics, Principles of Accounts, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science, Geography, History, Commercial Studies, Computer studies, Art and Islamic Religious Knowledge. There are two streams from Year 9 - Science and Arts, where English Language, Malay Language and Mathematics are compulsory for both streams.

Co-curricular activities(CCA) are integrated into the school time table to ensure every child under our care are well equipped to face the future challenges. The students are exposed to a series of activities under the different captions Public Speaking Skills ( English and Malay Department), Personal Development, Career Corner ( Business Department) and Health, Safety and Environment ( Science Department). In addition to CCA, we also encourage students in Sports and other Extra-curricular activities (ECA) like Uniformed groups, Cultural Club, Music Band, Cookery Club, Science & Mathematics Club for preparing students at National and International competitions and University for Children ( ages 9 to 13 only).

Many of our students secure Brunei Shell Petroleum’s and other Government Departments scholarships after the completion of the O-level examination. St.Margaret’s School has certainly become the choicest educational destination of very ambitious children and parents. . We achieved this by the hard work of students with the able guidance and assistance of our caring teachers and also with the trust and support of the parents.


The primary section is handled by experienced and qualified teachers who prioritise the importance of children’s education. We follow a state curriculum called 21st Century National Education System (SPN -21 curriculum). Conducive learning environments which maximize the children’s learning potential are mainly focused in this section. Students are exposed to National and International competitions to allow them to cultivate and foster their skills and knowledge. Field trips both in and out district for all levels in the primary are organized annually to provide a different learning experience outside the classroom. Co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities enhance the children’s aesthetic and academic skills.

Academically, our Primary 6 results for 2010 was the best ever with a 100% pass rate and 17 ‘5A’ grades. St.Margaret’s school is indeed a ‘gateway to excellence ‘.


Our Kindergarten section aims to impart to the students education through the Multiple Intelligence system, to enhance linguistic, cognitive, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, visual/ spatial and kinesthetic skills. Integrating all these skills in the curriculum promotes high quality students who are academically sound morally grounded, as learning is imparted by different approaches. The school provides ample scope to the children to do things by themselves and believes learning is exiting and knowledge should be value-based.

The new Mellings Block has fully air-conditioned activity room, kindergarten classrooms with digital equipment, keeping at par with innovative methods and use of modern technology in the present education system. The kindergarten has separate toilet facilities and washrooms keeping in mind health and sanitation as part of early childhood care.

The school admits students of all nationalities and believes in a global outlook. The school has committed and experienced teaching staff and follows the norm ‘ safety is our first priority’.

St.Margaret’s School is one of the best private schools in Brunei Darussalam. Our school caters students from Kindergarten 1 to Secondary 5 ( Year 11).