Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College

Welcome to the official web site of Maktab Teknik Sultan Saiful Rijal (Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College) or MTSSR for short. The institution was established in 1985 as a result of a merger between the Sekolah Bangunan Sultan Saiful Rijal (1970) and the Pusat Latehan Teknikal Brunei (1977).

The College is directly under the Technical Education Department, Ministry of Education. The Principal reports to the Director of Technical Education Department (for detailed Department of Technical Education Organisation Chart.Internally, the Principal is responsible for the College administration. The Principal is assisted by two Deputy Principals; Deputy Principal (Administration) and Deputy Principal (Education & Training), and supported by Head of Department.The College is one of the fastest growing technical institutions in Brunei Darussalam.Today, MTSSR is a full-fledged premier technical institution offering a wide range of courses in vocational and technical field.

Aircraft Department: The Aircraft Department has been in operation at MTSSR since 1982 when it was known formally as 'Aircraft Section' under the administration of Mechanical Department. The main aim of establishing Aircraft Section at that time was solely for providing a training avenue of human resource development for the local aviation industry. The Royal Brunei Armed Forces and the Royal Brunei Airlines were the main clients for courses offered. The syllabus was based mainly on the British Civil Aviation Requirement Section L and was suitably tailored to meet the requirements of these organizations. The Aircraft Department has undergone many changes and transformations since its establishment over twenty nine years ago, both in the course contents and methods of delivery of courses.

Physical Resources

• 5 Class Rooms

• Computer Based Training Laboratory

• Aircraft System servicing bay

• Engine Workshop

• Aircraft Instrument room

• Electrical / Electronics Laboratory

• General Workshop / Sheet Metal Workshop

• Tool Store

• Training Aids bay*

• Training Aircraft**

• Compressed air supply

• 28V DC and 115V/200V 3-Phase 400Hz aircraft supplies to appropriate workshops and laboratories

COMPUTING & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (CIT) DEPARTMENT: The Computing and Information Technology department is one of the 10 departments in MTSSR. Our department is located in the western end of the 10 hectares campus. Our mission has not changed since its inception in January 1985: "To generate creative and innovative IT professionals needed in our educational, governmental and industrial development”. Previously, the department was known as "Computer Department". The new name of the department was officiated since July 14, 2001.The department is committed to providing a balanced curriculum and to maintaining an environment that encourages excellence, varied approaches to teaching and learning style, critical and independent thinking, and mutual respect for all the people and cultures of Brunei. A dedicated team of staff members provides instructions in a caring, intellectually stimulating environment that addresses societal and technological changes as they impact on students' needs.

Furthermore, the department is committed to developing partnership programmes with other organisations and industries to expand educational opportunities for our students. The department also undertakes consultancy and system development project with external organisations. We also conduct Short IT courses for general public.

Aims and Objectives:

• To meet the technical and human resource needs of Brunei Darussalam

• To provide quality education in IT

• To promote access to higher education and IT professions, and businesses

• To contribute to economic development and social welfare through research, public services and outreach programmes


• The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was one of the founding departments of Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College which was established in 1988.

• The Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department is committed to train technicians for careers in the electrical and electronic industries, civil service, the oil industry, the Armed Forces. The department is one of the largest departments in the College and it has the privilege of having an exclusive building for its academic activities. The number of graduates has steadily increased over the years, from the first intake to about 250 today. The total number of graduates since the formation of the department is more than 3000.

• The Department is well equipped with a large number of both general and specialized laboratories to provide hands on activities for students. Through the courses, students will be involved in a wide range of practical ranging from simple investigation on electrical and electronic circuits and devices to troubleshooting of such devices, and the building of more complex final year project. Students will undergo a six-month industrial training at the end of the second year.

• Every effort is made to update courses and facilities to prepare students for ever changing industrial needs. As a result of it, a new course namely Electronics and Computer Engineering has been approved by the Ministry of Education and its first intake is likely to be in July 2007. This is in response to the demand for computer maintenance technicians in government and private industries. The department is further pursuing for offering highly demanded courses in the Brunei context such as Electrical Power and Building Services, Instrumentation and Control etc.

• The department has a full-time faculty of more than 25 academic staff members with broad and varied background and strong research and professional expertise. They are supported by some technical and administrative staff members. Apart from teaching the diploma courses, faculty members are active in research and development, engaging in a broad range of collaborations with renowned industries in homeland and overseas. This is one of the departments with staff members periodically updating their academic qualification through higher education and expertise through seminars/conferences/workshops.

• Apart from the 2-years Diploma courses, the department is continuously running short courses for technical / non-technical candidates since 1996. These courses are well-received by in-service personnel and general public.

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