Berambang Island

Pulau Berambang is Brunei's largest riverine island. Situated less than a kilometre from the banks of Pintu Malim, this island is easily accessible by boat, the fare 50 cts one way. The eastern banks of this island is Sungai Menunggul, a waterway border shared by Limbang, Malaysia and Brunei. Berambang Island is lightly populated. The only modern housing is Kampong Bolkiah B, houses built on the mud flats fringing the northern shore of the island. Jungle and mangrove covered most of the island. Through the Wild Life Protection Act, 1978 revised 1984, authorities have identified the mangrove forests on Berambang for the protection and conservation wildlife sanctuaries.It even feels like a different country, as motorcycles and bicycles are predominant here, and not cars! A daytrip promises idyllic walks along countryside roads, a hill trek which presents you with sweeping vistas, historic disused coal mines, dramatic rock formations – with the legendary stories, and a showcase of Brunei’s hardy kerangas forests. The highlight of course, the summit along the hill trek! Upon descending, head for a fishing village a few minutes away, on the banks of a river channel which is also the border with Malaysia.