Luagan Lalak Recreational Park is located along the road to Labi in Brunei. It coves an area of 270 hectares and is within the Labi Hills Forest Reserve. The distinctive feature of Luagan Lalak Recreational Park is the alluvial freshwater swamp called empran. During the wet season, it fills up with water to form a lake. In the dry season thewater dries up and the lake is filled with sedges.)

Name Luagan Lalak Recreational Park

Location Labi, Belait District

How to get here Drive all the way to Sungai Liang and then take the left turn towards Labi and you are on the Labi Road. The park is 25km up Labi Road.

Admission Free

Facilities 1. Huts 2. BBQ pits 3. Public toilets 4. Wooden walkway