Lumut Lunting

Places in our country really have their own histories. This time I want to share the root a little about a place called Moss Lunting. It is located between Pulau Sibungur and Pulau Berambang in muara Sungai Brunei. Moss Lunting is also close to the island of Pilong-Pilongan. the existence of Lumut Lunting have mentioned in Poem Awang Semaun and it categorized as oral literature. According to its history, in the reign of Awang Alak Betatar there was an persabungan chicken between Betara Majaphit namely Raden Angsuka God and the brother of Awang Alak Betatar, Awang Semaun. The Persabungan between chicken Awang Semaun named Mutiara and poultry Majapahit Empire named Romance. In the persabungan, Asmara has lost 29 Betara Majapahit Empire has wrath. Betara Majapahit was cursing Pearls, chicken Awang Semaun. Mutiara airport run later became and falling to the Brunei River and called Lumut Lunting as we can see. ). Mutiara who tried to give chase, fell into the river cursed by the King of Majapahit. He too turned into a rock and became an island (Lumut Lunting). It has been said among the elders in Kampong Ayer dwellers that Lumut Lunting will never be under water no matter how high the water level rises. If it does, then that signals a bad omen such as the death of a king or the occurrence of an untoward incident.