Peradayan Forest Recreation Park

Forest Resort with its unusual cave and rock formations, Perdayan Forest Recreation Park's 1,070-ha territory is also home to a variety of readily seen wildlife such as Borneo`s native Kijang (deer). The reserve encompasses the twin hills of Bukit Perdayan (Perdayan Hill) which rises to 410 meters (1,225 feet), and Bukit Patoi at 310 meters (950 feet)above the sea-level. The patch of level stone on Bukit Patoi's summit is used as a helipad, and cooled by a pleasant breeze, it's also a view deck from which to enjoy panoramic views of jungle, sea and the villages and fields of neighboring Sarawak. It takes about two hours to negotiate the 1.6 km winding trek to the park. Perdayan Forest Recreation Park is situated on the road to Labu, approximately 15 km from Bangartown.