Rampayoh Waterfalls

An easy walk of under two hours through jungle leads to the largest Rampayoh waterfall which descends four metres from a table-top of rock into a cool, deep pool. It is a 10-kilometre amble to the falls starting near the end of the sealed section of the Labi road signposted 'Waterfall 120 minutes'. A wide, well-used path cuts through a bamboo wood and emerges just above the Rampayoh River. The path goes upstream with small bridges over little tributaries, built and maintained by the Gurkhas. After a 45- minute walk, there is a small waterfall beside a Gurkha encampment from where the path remains wide, winding through beautiful open forest. Close to Rampayoh the path rises through primary jungle emerging into a Gurkha camp comprising shelters with tables and benches which are ideal for a picnic. The second waterfall is one minute's walk from the camp. One oath leads to a large pool below the waterfall while another stays at the same level skirting around the top of the falls.

A third waterfall is another two and a half hours' walk along a deteriorating path along the Rampayoh River and is only reachable with an overnight stay in the jungle. Prosaically called Landing Point 196, it is used by army helicopters for landing. The waterfall leads to a large deep pool which is suitable for swimming. The height of the falls, however is modest. The best time to visit Rampayoh is July when the track is in good condition. Camping enthusiasts may seek advice from the British Army or Gurkhas who regularly use the area for exercises. Notice is usually broadcast on BFBS or on Radio Brunei news.