Sungai Liang Forest Recreational Park

The Sungai Liang Forest Recreational Park is an immense arboretum reserve. However, a part of the virgin jungle has been turned into a park with well marked nature trails. There are cool lakes where swimming is allowed. A canopy walkway in the treetops allows for a different perspective of this largely mixed Dipterocarp jungle. The mammals found here include the plantain squirrel, pigtailed macaque, the Borneo gibbon, round leaf horseshoe bats and the flying lemur. The park covers about 14 hectares of largely undistrubed forest and first started life as a large arborerum reserve gazetted as far back as 1948. It was in 1970 before the place became a small park The Sungai Liang Park is a little part of the Andulau Forest Reserve. According to the Forestry Department, the Andulau Forest Reserve is a Mixed Dipterocarp Forest. This type is the most dominant forest type in the hill forest of Brunei, composing at least 41% of all forest in the country. It is also the most uniform but the most complex forest type.