It was the one of the oldest recreational park in Brunei Darussalam. This tasek lama recreational park was chosen become one the oldest recreational park in Brunei because this tasek lama has a natural resources that not build by people.

Task lama recreational park has a natural resources like natural waterfall and Lake that has a beautiful sources of it. This waterfall can be used by swimming in it,Drinking the water and so on. This water of the waterfall comes from natural a lake that is cause by heavy rainfall. Other than it, there ae a features of a beautiful garden of trees and flowers. This places ideal places for who likes to spend more time on relaxing, exercising and more activity can come to this tasek. Peoples who likes to jogging around , this place was the great places for jogging. Peoples also can spend time with their family by picnicking. In this places also be installed an 8 metre high wall for Those who interested in climbing , so that come to this place to climbed it.