Taman Tasek

Just a few minutes walk from the city centre, Tasek Lama Park offers a tranquil respite from Bandar Seri Begawan's bustle and exhaust fumes. Visitors can stroll at leisure on well-made walkways through the small park which has benches and picnic spots, as well as a waterfall and ponds with water lilies.

A road leading off to the right about halfway to the waterfall leads up to a lake and dam which has turquoise water and supplies parts of the municipality.

A feature of the park are the yellow flowers of the bladderwort which grows in ditches and other wet areas beside the footpaths. It is carnivorous, catching tiny swimming insects in its small leaves which are modified into tiny cups and imprison its prey with a movement-sensitive flap. The insects provide extra source of nitrogen and other nutrients. The park is a popular with the local residents and is an ideal place for jogging.