Teraja Water fall

The proposed Protected Area extension of Bukit Teraja is a relatively small piece of land (ca. 2500 ha) but would be of particular value because it has high biodiversity and great eco-tourism potential. It is a piece of fairly undisturbed forest that is accessible by road and has many hiking opportunities. The area holds various habitats: Mixed Dipterocarp hill forest, peat-swamps, ridges, rocks, waterfalls, rivers - therefore a diverse flora and fauna.

We have explored this area extensively and found it particularly diverse, with at least 11 waterfalls and many trekking opportunities. The paths to the Teraja and Belaluk waterfalls are well trodden but unmarked. Pushing on from these paths through the rivers reveals many more beautiful waterfalls. These river scrambles, climbing over rocks and swimming the many pools are great fun for the adventurous family.

Most ridges have a kind of hiking or animal trail providing connection towards Bkt Teraja and other areas.The Teraja River marks the end of the Labi Road about 10 kilometres beyond the end of the tarmac. A well-worn path leads upstream, criss-crossing the river over tree trunks, to a small waterfall in lush green forest. The waterfall is also the source of water supply for the Teraja longhouse at the beginning of the path. The path continues beyond the waterfall to the top of Bukit Teraja, though this last stretch is indistinct and a scramble in places.